Ring Modeller

Create a ring is a two-step process with AutoPIPE

Automatic Ring Modeller

Create rings in two simple steps with the automatic Ring Generator Wizard. Create circular or polygonal rings, open or closed, flat or inclined. Reduce a task from hours to a minute.

Some applications are

Practical Case:

Thermal Energy Storage in a Thermosolar Plant

The Thermal Energy Storage consists of one or two Hot Molten Salt tanks + Cold molten salt tank. The distribution system inside each tank can not be anchored to the tank floor due to the high contrast of temperatures. Ring supports have gaps to control the displacement of the rings and transfer the seismic loads.

Tip: model the rings with Ring Wizard and simulate the behavior of the tank's floor and walls using rigids, including even the check of the emergency cycles.

Thermal Energy Storage in a Thermosolar Plant
Detail of one particular Tank