Some clients who choose AutoPIPE for their projects

Main Features

  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Up to 100 cases of temperature and pressure.
  • 30 static seismic acceleration and 10 wind cases.
  • Multiple dynamic analysis in a single run.
  • Automatic internal pressure calculation in Risers.
  • Automatic external pressure calculation.
  • Automatic buoyancy calculation
  • Wave modelling.
  • Seabed modelling.
  • Easy modelling multiple risers within a single protection jacket.
Offshore Design Codes

Design Codes

AutoPIPE includes the following offshore design codes:


Code Calculations

Onshore piping code consider several stress categories:

To consider the effect of external pressure on subsea piping, some of the offshore codes calculate many more stress categories:

AutoPIPE calculate all those stress categories to fully comply with the offshore codes.

Additional stress categories according to DNV-OS-F101 2012
Offshore Wave Load

Wave Loading

AutoPIPE includes the following wave loading theory:


Wave theory

Applicability ranges of various waves
Buoyancy forces in AutoPIPE


AutoPIPE calculate automatically the buoyancy force. Only the water level has to be set.



AutoPIPE can model the risers and the loads that apply to them, like difference in pressure inside/outside, waves, and support imposed displacements.

Risers and AutoPIPE Model
Jacket pipe protecting process piping

Jacketed Pipes

Jacketed Pipes or Pipe Bundles are used to go from the seabed installations to the surface. The external pipe is used to support the external forces, as the waves and protect the process piping.

Combined Models Structural Steel - Piping

AutoPIPE and STAAD.Pro has a two-way integration that allows the structural model to be imported and connected to the piping. The piping model and the loads calculated can be imported into STAAD.Pro.

The combined model uses the combined flexibility and the displacement at the support are imposed automatically into the piping model.

KONGBERG combined model of piping and steel structure that will be placed at the seabed