Equipment Verification

Main features

The equipment is integrated into the model, so:

In the image on the right there are three pumps whose connections are indicated by the lines and a circle with the TAG of the equipment.

Graphic indication of the equipment in AutoPIPE
API 610 pump definition dialog in AutoPIPE

Equipment Verification

Have the program verify the loads on your computer automatically, either by entering the allowed loads or using the appropriate API standard. Let the program calculate the resultant of the loads at the correct point and issue a full verification report for the required load cases.

Prepare a complete study in minutes for turbines, compressors, pumps or any other equipment.

In AutoPIPE you define the equipment in the model and the cases that you want to verify in the combinations, so that when you finish executing a calculation you can ask for the report or give Crtl B to generate the report.

On the left is the AutoPIPE dialog for API 610 pumps, where the connection nodes are indicated, as well as their location and the type of pump.

Below the image on the left shows a user equipment where the loads are defined in four of the connections of a heat exchanger. User equipment is used for equipment that has 2 to 4 connections and can automatically transfer the loads to an anchor that is defined in the fifth column.

The image on the right shows part of the report of an API 610 pump, indicating each equation that is used.

Heat exchanger defined as User Equipment