Hydraulic Test Pressure

Analyze the hydrotest in the simplest way possible according to the standard used. Indicate the design pressure you want to refer to, AutoPIPE will calculate the test pressure according to the requirements of the code used. If pressure adjustment is required multipliying by the ratio of the hot allowable over the cold allowable, (such as B31.3) the AutoPIPE will do it for you, verifying that the maximum stress limit indicated by the code don't be exceeded.

In case you already have the test pressure, enter it and tell the program which Ti to use for the test.

The analysis ca be:

Define Hydrotest in AutoPIPE
Hydrotest as a load case

For the calculation, just tell AutoPIPE to create a hydraulic test case, and AutoPIPE configures the rest.

In AutoPIPE it is not necessary to do the hydraulic test on the entire model, you can indicate the segments (lines) that will be tested to simulate the real process.