Modalidades de Adquisión

Las licencias de AutoPIPE pueden ser adquiridas de tres maneras diferente:


Las capacidades del AutoPIPE dependen de la licencia adquirida. Existen tres versiones: Standard, Advanced y Nuclear.

Las capacidades de las licencias son:

Característica  Standard Advanced Nuclear
Static Linear
Static Non-Linear
Response Spectrum (Uniform & Multiple Support) (SRSS combination method - Standard version only) (Note 3)
Force Spectrum
Time History
Buried pipe w/ automatic Soil Calculator
NUREG combinations and Code case 411 spectrum
Static correction - Missing mass correction and ZPA
50 Response Spectrum load cases
Static earthquake
Wind - ASCE, UBC and User Profile
Snow Loading
Thermal Bowing
Wave loading and buoyancy
Fluid Transient Loads
Relief Valve Loads
Thermal Transient Analysis
Fatigue Analysis (class 1)
High Energy Leakage and Crack Criteria (ASME Class 1, 2, 3)
ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, and B31.8 (Note 2)
European piping code EN13480 (Note 2)
B31.4 Offshore, A31.8 Offshore & CSA_Z662 Offshore codes
ASME III Class 2 and Class 3 (multiple years)
ASME III Class 1 (multiple years)
ASME B31.1-1967
Canadian piping codes
Russian SNIP 2.05.06-85 Oil & Gas
ISO 14692
International piping codes
KHK Level 1 piping code
KHK Level 2 piping code/td> (Note 1) (Note 1)
Analysis Sets for multiple static analyses
General piping code
Rotating Equipment reports
Large model size
Beam elements for modeling frames and supports
Material and Component Library utilities
STAAD Structural Libraries (17 countries)
Flange Analysis, ASME Section VIII Div 1 & Div 2
Flange Analysis, Appendix XI
Flange Analysis, ANSI Check


  1. A KHK 2 Add-On option is required to access this feature (Available for Advanced & Nuclear editions).
  2. Multiple years are available in Advanced and Nuclear editions. Standard edition only supports latest code year.
  3. Multiple support response spectrum analysis only available in Advanced & Nuclear editions

Maximum defined static and dynamic load cases:

Load Cases  Standard Advanced Nuclear
Gravity 1 1 1
Hydrotest 1 1 1
Thermal 5 100 100
Pressure 5 100 100
Static Earthquake 5 30 30
Wind 5 10 10
User Defined 5 140 140
Snow 1 1 1
Response Spectrum 5 50 50
Harmonic Not Available 10 10
Seismic Anchor Movement Not Available 10 10
Force Spectrum Not Available 10 10
Time History Not Available 50 50
Static Analysis Cases 27 (Note) 82 (Note) 82 (Note)

Note: Maximum number of load cases that can be analyzed in a single analysis set during a static analysis run in v9.1 and later. However an unlimited number of analysis sets can be run in a single static analysis in v9.1 and later.

= Gravity (1) + Hydrotest (1) + Thermal (20) + Pressure (20) + Static Earthquake (10) + Wind (10) + Snow (1) + User (20)

= 83 cases for Advanced & Nuclear (28 for Standard)

Up to 100 different thermal loadings can be defined and analyzed in a single static analysis. Only 20 thermal load cases per analysis set e.g. if want to run 50 thermal cases then define across 3 analysis sets. Since each analysis set can have analyze up to 82 static cases, so literally 100’s of loads can be analyzed in different scenarios with different options, linear, non-linear, hot or cold modulus etc in the same static analysis run.